Southeast Guilford Community Association - PO Box 112 - Pleasant Garden, NC 273131/31/2012

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Southeast Guilford Community Association -  PO Box 112 - Pleasant Garden, NC 273131/31/2012
General Membership $15.00 - Advisory Committee $50.007/10/09
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These were voted to serve for 2014 during the September 12, 2013 meeting: 3/29/13


President: Tom Ammeter                    - Director:  Jean King

Vice-President:  Bill Thomas              - Director:  Anne Hice

Secretary:  Dan Rogers                       - Director:  Bob Chamberlain

Treasurer:  Mike Johnston                 - Past President: Denise Osborne


Current Committee Chairs:

Economic Development - Dan Rogers

Programs - Jeffrey Knotts

Fund Raising - Tom Ammeter

Membership - Michael Johnston

  Bob Chamberlain  Past President 2011  email  285-6429 
Tom Ammeter  President 2013   email 674-7600
Mike Johnston Treasurer 2013 email 676-8041 
  Jeffery Knotts Secretary 2013 email


Dan Rogers Economic Director
email 674-0364
  Anne Hice  Board 2013  email  674-6152

Updated 2/7/13 

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Incoming Officers and Board 2012
Standing: Bob Chamberlain - Past President, Tom Ammeter - Vice President, Jean King - Board, Mike Johnson - Board
Seated: Nanette Turner - Board, Dan Rogers - Treasurer, Denise Osborne - President
Inset: Jeffery Knots - Secretary

Southeast Guilford Community Association 2011 Outgoing Board Members
Left to right:   Rosemarie Williams, Joe Andrews, David Gearhart, Harold Garrett, Dan Rogers
Absent - Denise Osborne, Bob Chamberlain and Nanette Riddle 9/9/11

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By Laws Duties of: Officers of the Executive Board 4/15/2010

All officers shall be in good standing, and shall hold office for a two-year term. Officers and executive
board may serve no more than (2) two consecutive terms in the same position. The association shall
elect from its own, the following officers:
A. President who shall preside at all Executive Committee meetings and general meetings, shall
appoint all committee chairs, authorize all disbursements, and shall be ex officio of all
B. Vice President who shall assist the President in all duties and shall perform such duties as are
assigned by the President and in the absence of the President or members of the Executive
Committee, shall perform all the duties of the President.
C. Secretary who shall maintain all official records, including meeting minutes, original sign-in
sheets, copies of mailings to members, and a copy of the mailing/email list.
D. Treasurer who shall adhere to all accounting procedures, and keep a reporting of all
disbursements made by the association. The treasurer shall have custody of all funds and
securities belonging to the association. Financial statements shall be kept and made available for
inspection by any member.
E. Past President who occupied the office of the President, during the immediate previous term,
shall serve as an officer of the Executive Committee; the Past President shall be a voting member
of the committee and act as advisor to the President. The Past President shall perform other
duties as may be requested by the President and/or Executive Committee. If for any reason, such
person cannot serve in such office, the office shall remain vacant.
No individual serving as a director, officer or agent of the corporation shall be held personally liable for
serving in such capacity.


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